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Discover, & Develop your Reading, Healing & Intuitive Talents.

For everybody who wants to discover, develop & deepen their Reading, Healing & Intuitive Talents.

Every person has the talent to sense the energy and atmosphere around us, as well as the ability to pass energy onto others to support them.

This training suits everybody; Beginners, advanced, those who are just curious. You will develop your intuitive skills quickly as the exercises are tailored to your individual level.

The combination of this intensive training course and great location provides a fantastic opportunity to develop your intuitive talents as well as relax.

Location on Bonaire.

The venue of this training is Earthship, Seru Grandi 80, Bonaire. A fantastic place in itself, a great place to stay.

Training set-up and goal

5 days of intensive practice develops and deepens your intuitive skills. You will learn to trust on what you observe and what you sense. The main goal of this training is to learn to trust your own intuïtion.

The courses that I give are primarily aimed at practicing and experiencing. There is some theoretical background, but the majority of the course is hands-on exercising. It strikes me that everyone is always amazed what they are able to achieve after just a few exercises. Underlining the fact that everyone can learn healing and reading.

Due to the very intensive, interactive and practical way of working, everyone develops rapidly next to creating a great group feeling. The groups are very close and tend to stick to together the remaining and following workshops. I am convinced that it is of upmost importance to work in a pragmatic, cheerful and safe environment. Over the course of the workshop you will give and receive many healings and readings which will both help your personal development and provide insight in your future.

Practical information

The course starts Monday the 13th of November and finishes Friday the 17th of November. Daily start is at 16.00, we will finish around 21.00-21.30

The costs of this training are $595,- (€555,-) which excludes travel and accommodations costs

For registration or enquiries: info@belindakeyzers.com or local Mirya Marmol (+599) 795 4225


 1-Day workshop & private consult

I will run a one day workshop and a couple of “get to know Belinda Keyzers” sessions in the week prior to the trainingweek. I have to schedule the exact dates, will let you know asap.

There is also time for a number of private trance healing & reading consults.

If you are interested, let me know info@belindakeyzers.com or local Mireya Marmol (+599) 795 4225

Free Consult & free particiation to 1-Day Workshop.

Interested? Send me an email info@belindakeyzers.com. We allot a free consult and free participation to the workshop to those who are interested. 

About Belinda Keijzers

The training is  hosted by Belinda Keyzers. Belinda is an internationally well-known Trance Healing & Reading medium. She has hosted training, workshops and demonstrations  for many years, both in the Netherlands as well as in the rest of Europe. Belinda has her own practice in Baarn with a large and varied clientele.

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Belinda Keyzers
+31 6 23 28 76 36

Mireya Marmol

(+599) 795 4225


+ 34 65 29 65 777

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